Bant Spirits

Today I ordered the final list for my Bant Spirits list for modern! After all these years, a Collected Company deck is #1! My list:

The setup is fairly stock, the only place I did any real exploring was in the sideboard, and even there, it’s just to be current on the meta, where spells decks and graveyard decks are on the rise. I feel like my deck and sideboard is well rounded to manage the threats in my current meta:

  • Tron
  • Dredge
  • KCI
  • Burn / Aggro
  • Creature Decks (Elves, Spirits, not often humans)
  • Storm
  • Phoenix
  • Control (Grixis, Jeskai)

Given my history with CoCo decks, I feel confident I will be able to quickly pick up the playstyle, as this feels like a simple logical evolution over my current list that lost to, guess who, SPIRITS, last week. At least I made a friend out of the guy who beat me though.

My previous iteration

I’m pretty much done with the vizier combo, the version I actually ended up playing was straight up midrange coco w/o the combo, it was just beaters with Knight of Autumn, Spell Queller, Militia Bugler, and some spicy pieces like Bounding Krasis and Tamiyo, Field Researcher. Although it was pretty janky, I did still manage to ek out some wins. But, that said, I want to be able to play people and respect the deck I’m on. If that means I need to strap on some Aether Vials and play UW, by gosh I’ll do it!

Reports and updates to come.