A Letter to Mark Rosewater About Recent Magic: the Gathering Narrative Events

Hey Mark,
My name is Jonathan, and I have been playing Magic since I was six years old – that’s 22 years now. I love this game deeply, something I know that you understand. I am passionate about the characters, the mechanics, and the dynamic that it creates between people that brings us together. As a dedicated fan, I have taught probably hundreds of people how to play Magic, and introduced it to even more. As a teacher, I showed it to my students and created a club where they could come together to socialize and celebrate fantasy in a positive space. I’ve introduced it to my friends, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

One of the most impactful parts of Magic is the characters. As you are well aware, finding a character in a story who you can empathize with is critical to creating an initial spark of interest for many people. Wizard’s initiative to explore different types of characters starting around the time of the New World Order with Alesha, Narset, and other “diverse” individuals in the canon marks for me a unique turning point for Magic, where I no longer had to defend the game as being “for boys”. When my female students looked for emblematic characters to empathize with, they no longer had to see past “Boob armor”. When my transgendered friends asked me about the game, I could point to a character they would immediately gravitate towards – something that actually happened to me personally. Now this friend is a regular Magic player. My girlfriend is obsessed with Chandra, because she is such a likeable, interesting, and multifaceted character. 

You know why I’m writing to you now.

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MtG Pioneer – GB Delirium

This blog is going to be my dumping ground for personal projects and ideas I have separate from work-related topics. One of the biggest interests I have taken in the past few weeks is the new format for Magic: the Gathering, Pioneer, which uses cards from the past 7 years to create a space where players can upgrade past standard decks to play a competitive, but not “overpowered” format.

As a player who has been playing primarily for the last 7 years, I was ecstatic to hear about the format, as it has allowed me to revive some of my favorite decks I’ve played in the past, including the one I’m going to be writing about today.

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Bant Spirits

Today I ordered the final list for my Bant Spirits list for modern! After all these years, a Collected Company deck is #1! My list:

The setup is fairly stock, the only place I did any real exploring was in the sideboard, and even there, it’s just to be current on the meta, where spells decks and graveyard decks are on the rise. I feel like my deck and sideboard is well rounded to manage the threats in my current meta:

  • Tron
  • Dredge
  • KCI
  • Burn / Aggro
  • Creature Decks (Elves, Spirits, not often humans)
  • Storm
  • Phoenix
  • Control (Grixis, Jeskai)

Given my history with CoCo decks, I feel confident I will be able to quickly pick up the playstyle, as this feels like a simple logical evolution over my current list that lost to, guess who, SPIRITS, last week. At least I made a friend out of the guy who beat me though.

My previous iteration

I’m pretty much done with the vizier combo, the version I actually ended up playing was straight up midrange coco w/o the combo, it was just beaters with Knight of Autumn, Spell Queller, Militia Bugler, and some spicy pieces like Bounding Krasis and Tamiyo, Field Researcher. Although it was pretty janky, I did still manage to ek out some wins. But, that said, I want to be able to play people and respect the deck I’m on. If that means I need to strap on some Aether Vials and play UW, by gosh I’ll do it!

Reports and updates to come.