Plant Tracer (2017-2018)

The final visual design mockup for Plant Tracer 5/17. Design by Jonathan Prosperi and Javiera Valle Toro. Mockup development by Javiera Valle Toro.
The actual, live Plant Tracer website home page on 12/27/18. Web development by Jean Jeon & Al Olsen.

What is it?

Plant Tracer is a website and research tool that works alongside a paired app to collect data for a biology research project. Plant Tracer records and measures the movements of plants, and identifies if they have a mutant or regular gene based on those movements. The website helps researchers coordinate and collaborate when collecting data, and to look at one another’s results to form conclusions from.

The website’s design supports users in their research by providing on-hand resources, and making the searching process simple and intuitive. The website also provides instructions on how new research groups can begin the process of recording and contributing to the Plant Tracer data. 

My Role

I was the Design Coordinator for the website for Plant Tracer. In collaboration with the project client, I envisioned the layout and design for the website, and worked with other designers and developers at CREATE Labs to provide a website where college-level users can collaborate on biology research.

Plant Tracer design doc
Initial design document for the website.

Throughout the design process, I ensured that the learning process for using the website and doing the research process was as easy and intuitive as possible. I developed mockups for interfaces, and worked alongside web developers to execute that design in a way that makes sense for users, and meets the needs of the client.

My initial mockup for the layout of the research database interface.
The final visual design mockup for the research database interface. Mockup development by Javiera Valle Toro.

Plant Tracer Live

The live version of the Plant Tracer website, available at