Sentiment (2018)

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What is it?

Rules of Sentiment

Sentiment Designer Review

Sentiment is a two-player card game designed to teach its players about emotional intelligence and the spectrum of emotion. By familiarizing players with a wide range of emotional expressions, as well as introducing emotional vocabulary and domain features in an affective and engaging way, Sentiment hopes to teach players to better express themselves emotionally with others. They would do this by playing the game and observing how the different cards have different effects that relate to and express each emotion. By connecting the art, mechanics, name, and associated emotion of each card, players will develop broader schemas, which will lead to a more meaningful understanding of the spectrum of emotions.

Sentiment Icons

Emotion is designed as a stand-alone card game, where all of the game materials are available in one box, with no additional purchases (booster packs, etc.) necessary. The game comes with ~30 cards for each of the six emotions in the game, that can be combined in any combination to create a 30-card deck. Players summon manifestations of their feelings, and cast emotionally-driven magic spells to fight one another.

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One of the major lessons I learned from Sentiment was the power of affective design. By including bright colors, interesting and beautiful art & visual design, and playful, physical game elements, I was able to generate and maintain situational interest, and focus players attention on game and learning elements that matter the most.

My Role

I was the only game designer for the project. I designed and directed the development of the game assets, but was assisted by a visual designer.

game board

Each emotion has an associated play mat to provide on-hand assistance with managing the complex elements of the game, such as managing zones, the phases of the turn, and the parts of the card.

I also designed a pair of pre-made, scaffolded decks meant for learning the game, as well as other scaffolding content, such as a game board designed to help introduce new players to the complex rules, and to facilitate ease of play. As players gain greater mastery over the game, additional game elements will become accessible, such as additional cards, and new emotions.

NOTE: The art for the cards is not mine, it is placeholder art that was taken from the internet.

Layout & visual development by Javiera Valle Toro.